• Gravity die casting for piece weights of 0.5kg to 60kgs.
  • Production capacity of 1200MT per annum.
  • 2 Electrical melting furnaces with capacity of 500kgs each.
  • 3 Electrical holding furnaces with capacity 0f 250kgs each.
  • Nitrogen rotary degassing unit.
  • Density Index Analyzer.
  • Thyristor power controlled drop bottom heat treatment furnace with weight capacity up to 1000kgs.
  • Cold Box Shooter with capacity up to 25 liters.


Horizontal Moulding Line

  • DISA MATCH (24×28) high pressure technology with Scada PLC controlled sand plant.
  • Production capacity of 9600 MT Per annum.
  • Applicable mould size 710X610X255 mm.
  • High speed configuration of 120 moulds per hour due to unique DISA Blow/Squeeze mechanism.
  • Green sand casting for piece weights of 0.8kg to 65kgs.
  • Inductotherm 1100 KW IGBT furnace for induction melting at the rate of 2 MT per hour.
  • Fully customized in house Cold Box Core Shooter with capacity 0.3 liters to 25 liters and Shell Core Shooter with capacity 0.3 liters to 15 liters.
  • Fully equipped digital sand testing laboratory.
  • In house fettling facility, shot blasting facility and paint shop.


Vertical Moulding Line

  • DISA Vertical High Pressure Moulding Line Technology.
  • Applicable mould size.
    • Hight 535mm
    • Width 650mm
    • Thickness 120-340mm
  • High speed configuration of 150 molds/hrs.
  • Scada PLC control system
  • Green sand casting for piece weights of  0.5kg to 25kg.


  • Casting technology: Lost Wax Foam process.
  • Material grades: Aluminium alloy, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel or any other material as per request.
  • Material standards: ASTM, ALSI, DIN, EN and JIS standards.
  • Size: 450×450×400mm (L*W*H), Diameter – 500 mm.
  • Weight:0.1kg to 40 kgs.
  • Minimum wall thickness: 3mm.
  • Value added service: Surface treatment, hand polishing and assembly.


  • Forging technology: Close Die Forging.
  • 2.5-ton Hydraulic hammer and 250-ton power press.
  • Material grades: Case Hardening Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and EN-series.
  • Single Piece weight range 0.2 kg to 55 kgs.
  • Size: 500 MM Length, Diameter – 150 MM.


  • World class CNC machine shop – Turning centers, VMCs and HMCs with pallet changer.
  • Machining capabilities to manufacture Aluminium, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel and Forged Parts.
  • Currently machining more than 1 million parts per annum.
  • Mazak Flexible manufacturing line with 32 Pallet system suitable for 630x630x900 mm dimensions and weight up to 500 kgs.
  • Accuracy level maintained at 0.01 mm in linear and 0.025 mm in geometrical dimensions.
  • Capability for roughness value Rz 4 minimum maintained.
  • In house tool room facility.
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